Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peacin' to France!

So, orientation is over... Thank you so much. I am not nervous at all to go over seas. I am so pumped and excited, you have no idea. I know people will miss me terribly, but I will (probably) come back home sometime in December. Having homework loads of 5 hours or more sometimes a night was hard. I am going to admit it. Staying up until 2AM or even later to get that pesky Rosetta Stone over with for calss the next day made everyone cranky and angry. All the professors were really understanding of our problems with technology or our problems finishing assignments. We recieved a couple of extensions that were really helpful. Thank you everyone!

We are all saddened to be leaving home and separated from our fellow global beginnings students, but will always be keeping touch. I will miss everyone deeply, but will be having a good time, so everyone should keep their spirits high!

The week was insane, but we all made it through and became masters at life. Bed head and all!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Next Question Please?

        I am very interested in seeing how the street fashion in France has evolved. It is getting a little angering, though, at not being able to find to much information on it. I am still trying, but might have to rephrase my question. High class fashion has always interested me and most of it comes from Europe and especially France and I really want to see how it has changed due to immigration and more Americans coming and etc. I also want to see how just normal people dress (street fashion) and how that effects their stature and things compared to everyone else. Older people... Younger people... Politicians... The like as well.

       In America, something that shows we have money here is an Armani suit with like... Gucci shades and italian shoes. But, in France, what shows money? What shows power? These are all things I am trying to find out, but am having some difficulty. I know that sneakers are not fashionable, unless Converse, in France and most of Europe. Many and almost all wear high class shoes and thus, shop less. This makes prices of certain clothing more expensive than others by more than what we feel here.

       I was also wondering about their fashion on jewelry. In the Caribbean, gold jewelry is THE thing. What is it in France? All these things I would love to know and find out. This is why I would like to know how their fashion has evolved and raised or lowered in class wise.

And I'm out!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Diary Entry 1

            Dear Diary,

My first real entry will be about the Global Beginnings program that I am enrolled into. I am so ready to get on the plane and explore the world and see what France has to offer me and I to France. I have already been to Europe, London, and so I know a LITTLE bit about what Europe brings and its likes and dislikes. I was only there for a week though.. With such a long stay in a foreign country, I definitely feel like being completely (basically) independent for so long will make me a far more mature and far more knowledgeable person.
            The most challenging part about it, will just getting accustomed to their way of life and fitting in. You do NOT want to be an outcast from the French society for the duration of the three and a half months. You want to be able to blend and be a part of their culture. That will really help me learn about their lifestyles, culture, and some history even.
            The most fun part was noted above. I really think the most fun will be living like them. Their fashion, food, crazy lifestyle… Completely different from what we are used to. I found this out from my brief experience in London. People in Europe can be a lot more well-mannered and seem very wealthy and knowledgeable by how they present themselves. Knowledge is power as you all may know.
            I hope to gain a brand new outlook and perspective on life and come back with wonderful and interesting stories of my life as ‘The French Bicep’. 

Getting ready to leave for France. HI MOM

Writing 105

Ronnie’s at the club, hooking up with Grenades… that is a bigger-ugly-chick & also Landmines.. which is a thin-ugly-chick .. and um, lovin’ life.